Legend Speakers

Günther Tränkle

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik, Germany
Title: 30 years of breakthroughs in the applications of III-V light sources

Fumio Koyama

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Title: VCSEL Photonics: Current State of the Art and Future Prospects

Dan Botez

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Title: 40 years of progress in high-coherent-power semiconductor lasers: from antiguided to high-index-contrast photonic-crystal lasers

Plenary Speakers

Kai Bongs

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Title: Enabling Progress in Quantum Technology: Current and Future Demands on Semiconductor Light Sources

Nelson Tansu

University of Adelaide, Australia
Title: Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductors Lasers: Materials, Devices, and AI Innovations

Toshihiko Baba

Yokohama National University, Japan
Title: Nanolasers

Invited Speakers

Gaelle Lucas-Leclin

Universite Paris-Saclay, France
Title: Coherent beam combining architectures for high-power laser semiconductor sources

Suguru Yamaoka

NTT Device Technology Labs, Japan
Title: 100-GHz-class directly modulated membrane lasers on SiC substrate

Jonathan Klamkin

University of California Santa Barbara, USA
Title: Integrated phase-locked lasers and photonic integrated circuits for remote gas sensing

Kent D. Choquette

University of Illinois, USA
Title: Optical Mode Engineering in VCSELs

Tatsuya Takeuchi

Meijo University, Japan
Title: Progress in GaN-based VCSEL

Benedikt Schwarz

TU Wien, Austria
Title: Frequency Comb Generation with Inter-band Cascade Lasers